personal chef and private chef services

weekly + bi weekly service

Enjoy wholesome, delicious, restaurant-quality meals, tailored to your tastes and preferences, ready when you are. No more fretting over what’s for dinner, grocery shopping, or that sink full of dishes. Think of what you can do with all of the time you will save!

Our clients choose personal chef service because of the difficulties associated with sourcing meals due to food allergies, dietary restrictions, religious practices, health concerns, or because life is busy. Eating well doesn’t have to be hard, and eating what you want shouldn’t be a compromise.

meal prep + freezer meals

Enjoy Culinary Co. offers single-appointment service for fridge and freezer-stocking. Our chefs prepare meals designed to freeze well, either in our kitchen or yours, and leave you with a delicious bounty to enjoy on your own schedule. This service is great for new parents, families gearing up for an especially busy time, adults who want help maintaining a healthy balanced diet, and many others!

How does it work?

You will be assigned one of our professional chefs according to your household’s needs. The chef creates a menu of meals based on your culinary profile. Once you review and approve the menu for the upcoming week, the chef will shop and hand select the ingredients for your scheduled cook-date. The chef will arrive at your home and cook your meals for 2-5 hours depending on the menu and your needs (drop-off service also available), Once finished, they’ll stock the refrigerator and/or freezer with what they’ve created, supply easy reheating/serving instructions, and aim to leave your kitchen cleaner than they found it. When you come home, you’ll have a variety of delicious food to chose from, reheat (if necessary), and enjoy on your own time.

Let’s eat!

Submit your Culinary Profile and review our Personal Chef Service Agreement